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I miss our farm.

It's been what feels like forever since we were there. I feel like I have forgotten half of what it looks like. There is a long weekend coming this week and due to other commitments are unable to go and play. I'm not sure when we will be able to go next as there is a lot coming up in our future. I am thinking August or September. It's the hardest feeling just wanting to start your new life and having to wait but our reasons for waiting to move are important so we hang in there for a bit longer.

I have forgotten myself a bit over the last few months. I need to refocus my attention on my goals and go back to a more simpler lifestyle. It seems this year is just going to be a busy one. I've started uni and just don't ever seem to have time to just sit back and  take in life. I'm currently enjoying a break between terms of study and my body is still trying to realise it doesn't have to constantly be thinking about assessments and work. It's nice.

I have fall…

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